Coffee Shop

When the 1896 Gallery began, we decided it would be nice for customers to have time to relax while enjoying the artwork and therefore a small, top-notch coffee shop with a concise menu was perfect. We could not have anticipated how popular it was to become, which was great but we wanted more time to develop the gallery.

It was a big decision to close this part of the business. The time has come to bring it back a step for Art's sake.

Being a family-run business means we adapt with the family. As Rhiain & Jared move on to new challenges (and rightly so) we have reassessed the situation and our goals.
Now re-opened on March 30th 2019, your hosts—Mairi & James Gordon have the same old, warm welcome along with new Art & Photography exhibitions and Painting & Craft workshops.
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Hope to see you soon.