Coffee Shop

As of Thursday 15th November, we will be closed as per our annual break, however this year, on our 4th anniversary, we are making a major change to our format:
the coffee shop side of our business will sadly be no more.

The 1896 Gallery will be closing temporarily to prepare for re-opening in the Spring with an even greater and expanded focus on our Art.

Why the change?

When the 1896 Gallery began, we decided it would be nice for customers to have time to relax while enjoying the artwork and therefore a small, top -notch coffee shop with a concise menu was perfect.
We could not have anticipated how popular it was to become and now it's time to bring it back a step for Art's sake.
Being a family-run business means we adapt with the family. As Rhiain & Jared move on to new challenges (and rightly so) we have reassessed the situation and our goals.

When we re-open, your hosts—Mairi & James Gordon—will have the same old, warm welcome along with new Art & Photography exhibitions and Painting & Craft workshops.
We will certainly miss many of our customers however we will be back in the Spring with plenty to enjoy so keep an eye out for updates!

We are still open up till and including the 14th November with time for another fine cup of coffee and slice of cake!